Innovative fabricator Whiteline has introduced an exciting new initiative to its exclusive partner marketing package. The PlatinumNRG Rewards Scheme incentivises and rewards Whiteline installer sales teams that specify, sell and order from the Whiteline product range.

Whiteline is a long established Sussex based fabricator that has been developing PlatinumNRG as a retail brand of windows, doors and conservatories, solely for the use and benefit of its customers. It enables them to promote and deliver a unique offering and competitive edge in their local markets. The range combines innovation – like FlushSASH, SlimSASH and A+ energy efficiency, security, engineering and quality – all designed, developed, manufactured and backed up here in Britain.

Rewards Card

Whiteline launched their new website recently which actively generates quality sales leads for their retail installer partners. The great consumer premium offering backed by a successful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign has delivered increasing numbers of high quality sales leads that are passed straight on to Whiteline’s customers.

The new PlatinumNRG rewards scheme focuses on converting retail leads into firm orders, by offering installers a powerful incentive scheme for their sales people. Every qualifying sale of PlatinumNRG products earns Rewards Points, based on the value, which can be collected and saved. These points can then be converted into rewards, ranging from Top Store Vouchers through to a 40” smart TV, from an attractive selection available. Each sales person who enrols receives their own membership card to help them access the web-based scheme and keep up to date with prizes they have earned.

Whiteline Director of Operations Peter Hand comments “The PlatinumNRG Reward Scheme means that our traditional fabricator role is now complemented with a strong end-to-end customer support package. We actually help to generate leads and cement the sale, as well as fulfil the ultimate orders with high quality products. We believe this is the ideal business model for independent companies, such as us and our customers, which we shall utilise and strengthen for the future.”