Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian ConservatoriesAlso known as the Georgian, this classic conservatory is square or rectangular, with stylish lines.

Edwardian conservatories have straight and square profiles without faceted ends. Edwardian conservatories offer a clean and simple look with strong bold lines. The full square corners on the Edwardian style maximises the interior floor area as opposed to the more rounded corners associated with a Victorian design.


With conservatories now in vogue, they become an ideal room to entertain guests and display the horticultural trophies of the British Empire. The ambience and light of the conservatory contrasted with the dull interior home allowed Edwardians to introduce furniture and ornaments as exotic as plants. From wicker settees to caged songbirds the Edwardians indulged themselves into the romance of the conservatory while maintaining classic exteriors which would have complimented the architecture of the home.