Innovative fabricator Whiteline created a new UK market segment when it launched its totally unique, 70mm-framed PVCu “FlushSASH” Window and Door designs in 2012. The traditional look of timber, re-created with all the benefits of modern materials, has really struck a chord with savvy householders with an eye for detail and retail installers with an eye for extra sales potential.

Now Whiteline are opening up another great new opportunity with a unique “Deep Bottom Rail” feature, exclusively available on their FlushSASH windows. At 95mm, contrasting with the standard 62mm width of the side and top rails, the Deep Bottom Rail is mechanically jointed to replicate the authentic details and look of timber sashes. FlushSASH windows with Deep Bottom Rail can be fitted into either of two frame options, their original 70mm slim frame or the brand new and exclusive Whiteline 85mm Revival frame (as pictured), to perfectly match the homeowner’s needs.

PlatinumNRG Revival System FlushSASH DBR

FlushSASH windows with Deep Bottom Rail may reflect good looks from times past but they are bang up to date on specification and practical supply. Colour foil finishes and attractive furniture options can create the perfect finishing touches. Optimum security can be achieved by calling up shootbolt locking and because FlushSASH sashes are all internally glazed, they can be supplied as unglazed, loose glazed or factory glazed, to suit your installation needs.