CE Marking

CE Marking of windows and external pedestrian doors is a requirement of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). The CPR is European Law and becomes mandatory in the United Kingdom on 1st July 2013. The organisation which places the complete window or doorset on the market is responsible for CE Marking the products.

Whiteline Manufacturing has been compliant since 30th April 2012, all Whiteline manufactured Platiunum NRG glazed and loose glazed PVCu products are now covered and are dispatched with a CE Mark label applied to the frame. A Declaration is required in addition to the product label, please select the appropriate pdf file from the list below.

PVCu – EC (CE) Declarations (2015-2018)

  1. Whiteline EC DOP Casement Windows NRG-CW-003
  2. Whiteline EC DOP Flush Windows NRG-FSW-003
  3. Whiteline EC DOP Tilt & Turn Windows NRG-TTW-003
  4. Whiteline EC DOP Revival Windows NRG-RSW-003
  5. Whiteline EC DOP Single Door NRG-SD-003
  6. Whiteline EC DOP Stable Door NRG-STD-003
  7. Whiteline EC DOP French Door NRG-FD-003
  8. Whiteline EC DOP Emergency Exit Door NRG-EED-003
  9. Whiteline EC DOP Flush Single Door NRG-FSD-003
  10. Whiteline EC DOP Flush French Door NRG-FFD-003
  11. Whiteline EC DOP Bi Fold Door NRG-BFD-003
  12. Whiteline EC DOP Composite Door NRG-CD-004
  13. Whiteline EC DOP Patio Door NRG-PD-003
  14. Whiteline EC DOP Patio Master Door NRG-IPD-003
  15. Whiteline EC DOP Fortrezz Composite Door NRG-FCD-002
  16. Whiteline EC DOP Alumina Bi Fold Door NRG-ABFD-002
  17. Bereco Contemporary Lipped Casement 001-062013
  18. Bereco Traditional Lipped Casement 002-062013
  19. Bereco Traditional Flush Casement 003-062013
  20. Bereco Tilt & Turn Window 004-062013
  21. Bereco Sliding Sash Window 005-062013
  22. Bereco Entrance Doors 006-062013
  23. Bereco French Door 007-062013
  24. Bereco Folding Sliding Door 008-062013
  25. Bereco Sliding Patio Door 009-062013
  26. Roseveiw Vertical Sliding Windows 23052014
  27. Solidor Solid Timber-Core Composite Door 001-CPR072013

Aluminium – EC (CE) Declarations