Test Door

Windows and doors are the crucial first line of defence to keep homes safe, weatherproof and secure. Innovative fabricator Whiteline ensures that products are tested and accredited to the latest standards for security and weather testing, BS7412/7950 (Windows) & PAS023/024 (Doors), by regular submissions to their nominated testing houses.

“A recent batch of products, as expected, all passed with flying colours. But then with Mila who test our doors we took things a little further” explains Leighton Baitup, Production Manager at Whiteline.

The latest Whiteline PAS 024 security specification door incorporates laminated glass; aluminium reinforced panel; panel clips; Liniar screw retainer; security lock keeps; security lock cylinder and a new Berwick security handle set developed with Fab&Fix. The door was tested with the ‘standard’ toolkit for a period of 3 minutes without entry gain, securing a pass certificate.  We then agreed with Mila that they could continue the testing…to destruction.

Their engineers proceeded to attack the door for a further 10 minutes until, leaving many a mark on the door but failing to gain entry, they eventually decided to give up. “Which demonstrates the quality of Whiteline PVCu product construction and the strength of the supplier partnerships that help to create our new designs” confirms Baitup “So you can rely upon them.”