A+ on window

Innovative fabricator Whiteline is amongst the first group of companies in the UK to achieve the new A+ Window Energy Rating (WER) being introduced by the BFRC.  The A+ rating is only awarded to windows with energy Rating Index of +10 or more, signifying the most energy efficient products that consumers can buy. Highest efficiency is a great opportunity for retailers to market the very latest high-tech products, so their customers can make real savings on their energy bills and carbon footprint.

Whiteline’s A+11 certified 70mm window uses the unique SlimSASH profile that is exclusively available to their customers. The full technical specification behind the great performance includes 6 chamber SlimSASH and frame, glazing flipper and a 28mm DGU combining Diamant, Swiss V Spacer, Argon and Planitherm Total Plus.

Director of Operations Peter Hand sums up the potential. “For current and new Whiteline customers alike, our attractive SlimSASH styling and outstanding A+ energy efficiency make a great winning combination. Top of the range performance and certified energy savings make a powerful story to boost your window sales right away.”