Acoustic PresentationWhiteline, the innovative fabricator, has become the first window maker in the UK to achieve certification under the new BM TRADA Q-Mark Acoustic Window scheme, allowing them to display BM TRADA’s Window Acoustic Rating label. The rating label has been introduced to give purchasers a clear and simple way to compare the acoustic performance of varying window specifications and make a better informed purchase decision accordingly. This provides a sales opportunity for window retailers to offer higher specified products that can deliver tangible improvements in noise reduction.

Whiteline Managing Director Steve Milham (left in picture) was awarded with breakthrough certificate number 001 at the FIT Show by BM TRADA Product Certification Manager Simon Beer. “As an industry we have always sold the benefit of noise reduction to consumers but never measured it. BM TRADA’s new acoustic window scheme creates the first test of relative acoustic performance. So our customers can now offer consumers in noisy locations, such as near roads or railways, enhanced windows that really can create a quieter, more relaxed ambience in their home” explains Steve Milham. “Our range now includes 3 glazing options in our effective window construction, to deliver a market leading spectrum of sound insulation levels. And because the scheme requires both accredited window testing and consistent manufacturing processes in our factory, the label is a sign of true performance and quality.”

The Window Acoustic Rating label demonstrates performance on a familiar A-G scale and displays decibel noise reductions (based on measurement of the weighted sound reduction (Rw)) achieved by the specific window specification. For every 5 dB increment in the rating, noise is reduced by a factor of approximately one half. The certificated Whiteline windows can deliver up to a high “C” rating on the label, which has been set with demanding goals for “A” rating performance for industry innovators like Whiteline to aim for in the longer term, without redefining the measurement scale.

Steve Milham is excited by the potential that his new, acoustic labelled product range will bring. “Modern life is so much noisier these days. We’re giving Whiteline customers something new to shout about for all the consumers who are looking for a quieter life.” Hear, hear to that.