Sussex-based fabricator Whiteline has literally “upped its profile” in the words of MD Steve Milham. “We have been a regional player in the South East for 30 years now, which is a great achievement in what some observers still see as a short termist sector.  But our focus has shifted over the last few years, from the day to day processing of factory orders for PVCu and Aluminium frames, to the longer term development with our retail installer partners to enhance their business and hence ours. The key driver so far has been our investment in innovative and exclusive new profiles, which have found favour in the market. We have stuck with our proven formula of high quality and exclusive products backed with a high level of customer service, by upping our customer numbers and geographical coverage, building sales volume and value and making quite a few more people aware of our company at the same time.”

The profiles boosting business for Whiteline clients are SlimSASH, the market changing FlushSASH and now the next big thing in PVCu upgrades for traditional timberwork, the all new Revival System. Launched at the Fit Show earlier this year, Revival received a warm reception and is now attracting interest from an increasing number of end-users for whom the product finally offers a low maintenance, highly efficient, attractive alternative to timber replacements.

Revival System_outsideRevival System is aimed at consumers who want to revive their home with the look of traditional timber, often where previous owners have installed inappropriate replacement windows. It is a   stylish combination of frame, four distinctive sashes – including FlushSASH with a deep bottom rail, a deep cill and composite doors that can revive the looks of any property. The 85mm, deep yet slender frame based upon a brand new seven chamber PVCu design for optimum strength and thermal performance. Classic, deep sculptured edge detail is reflected in mechanically-jointed transoms and mullions that replicate the look of traditional mortise & tenon joints.

”Our extrusion partner, Liniar, has helped to deliver Revival and they continue to work with us on further innovations, such as an exclusive range of decorative foils that, again, only our customers can specify. It’s all part of the evolution of our customer centric role as a new type of fabricator.” explained Steve Milham.

“In the end, as a business we are totally dependent upon our customer’s results. We can only flourish if we actually help our retail customers to sell more successfully. So this has led to the development and launch of a new business tool for us and our clients, both established and new.”

Whiteline 360 Logo

“Called Whiteline 360, this is our new Total Business Solution for retail window companies. It is essentially a customer led marketing strategy and complete business management process rolled into one. It’s the basis for new customers to select and agree a bespoke combination of product, servicing and people support for their own specific business, fully tailored to their local market. It’s the way to strengthen the overall offer for our established client base and it’s a framework for comparison and improvements into the future.” Steve is genuinely excited by the potential for the 360 way to look at business in the round.

Whiteline 360 Diagram

“It operates in two key ways. First to define a bespoke bundle of product, service and business support and secondly, the 360 approach becomes the focus for managing every aspect of the relationship, tracking progress and defining fresh initiatives and developments for our mutual success.”

Whiteline 360 focuses on each of 6 key stages of the business cycle, with a full and increasing menu of options for selection and detailing within each.

  1. Unique Products, such as SlimSASH, FlushSASH and the new Revival System, create demand and distinction with PVCu, aluminium production and quality all in-house
  2. Exclusive Branding using the PlatinumNRG brand and marketing support packages that help to promote and develop sales.
  3. Lead Generation develops new business leads and sales demand for the installer to convert, providing an immediate sales pipeline for the retail installer.
  4. Business Support tools ensure efficient and effective communications and administration, including selling aids and administrative efficiency tools.
  5. Service Delivery cements best practice logistics from procurement to installation: and finally last but not least
  6.  Relationship Management is the people side of the day to day and strategic management of every interaction between Whiteline and the customer.

Steve Milham underlines the opportunity, saying “Whiteline 360 defines our tailored offering to retailer partners as well as tracking status and performance and mapping our commitments and potential developments, together. I am convinced it will be a major tool for better business.”