FlushSASHFlushSASH windows bring back the traditional timber appearance, with the sashes fitting flush into the frame.

They are the first FlushSASH product to be manufactured with a 70mm PVCu outer frame profile and bring all the benefits of low maintenance, security, comfort, weather resistance, as well as being fully recyclable.

These traditional style products are crafted using environmentally friendly lead free PVCu profiles, and can be specified with energy efficient 28mm double or triple glazed sealed units for optimum energy performance.

Our FlushSASH windows have achieved an A+5 energy rating, making them the perfect choice for the energy conscious consumer.


** NEW **  Fully Mechanical FlushSASH Window

We are now offering fully mechanical FlushSASH  and Revival windows with “Deep Bottom Rail” option. This will be initially offered in a limited selection of foils. Please contact Customer Services for further information.

Fully Mechanical FlushSASH RevivalFully Mechanical FlushSASH

Deep Bottom Rail                                                                       Whiteline FlushSASH Deep Bottom Rail

To further enhance the traditional timber window appearance of our FlushSASH window, we have developed an exclusive 85mm Deep Bottom Rail that is mechanically jointed into the sash for that authentic period look.


Additional Information


  • FlushSashProfileMulti Chamber Profile

    Manufactured from six chamber 70mm PVCu frame profile, to ensure optimum thermal efficiency and strength.

    Our mechanical joints on all transoms and mullions are a standard feature to replicate the traditional mortise and tenon timber joint. Additionally there is the option to specify optional mechanical joints to the outer frame for that truly authentic timber look.


  • Standard Finishes

    We offer a wide range of timber grained effect foil finishes, allowing matching or contrasting colours to be specified on the frame and sash. This enables the perfect match for traditional regional fenestration colour variances or allowing complete personalisation of your property.

    Our standard finishes colour range includes:

    • White
    • Whitegrain on White
    • Oak on White
    • Black on White
    • Rosewood on White
    • Chartwell Green on White
    • Whitegrain

    Woodgrain Options

    PlatinumNRG Foil Swatch croppedYou can choose to have an authentic woodgrain finish whether you choose white, black or an authentic wood colour. You can also specify white on the inside of your frames and a woodgrain on the outside.

    Dual-colour is a popular choice and reflects traditional frames where the outside is painted a different colour to the interior allowing for greater flexibility in interior decorating.

    Here are some samples of the colours we offer:


    Click here for more colour options

    • White
    • Whitegrain
    • Golden Oak
    • Mahogany
    • Rosewood
    • Irish Oak
    • Black
    • Chartwell Green
    • Cream
    • Irish Oak on White
    • Chartwell Green on White
    • Black on White
    • White Inside


  • Glazing Options

    We offer a vast selection of decorative and patterned glass options. You can choose from Georgian bars, leaded glass in diamond or square patterns with authentic solder joints. Stained glass is available from a selection of our standard designs or you may wish to have a custom design or indeed match the original windows.

    We also offer a wide choice of patterned and obscure glass options, perfect for bathrooms, hallways or side windows. You can mix stained glass with clear to personalise your window as many 1930s properties have, or casement windows with square leading for a Tudor look.



    Backing Glass

    For privacy, or just pure style, patterned backing glass gives you a whole range of attractive options.


    low-emission-glassLow Emission

    We supply a full range of low emission glass with laminated and tempered glass, to provide safety and security where needed. Once an optional extra, low-E glass is now fitted as standard, in compliance with our membership with FENSA (industry Gold Standard for Building Regulations Compliance in replacement windows and doors).

    Low-E glass is a fantastic way to reduce energy bills, by providing excellent thermal insulation with U values down to 1.4 W/m2K. It allows high light and solar heat transmittance for the best use of natural lighting and beneficial solar heat gain.

    It provides colour neutrality in both reflection and transmission, giving windows a natural appearance, whilst maintaining a pure reflection.



    Leaded Glass 

    Lead is used to add style, character and authenticity to your windows, using a blackened technique to provide a darkened, aged feel to the structure.

    Soldered joints are an optional extra that also gives you a genuine antique look.

    Lead is available in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, and the traditional 12mm widths.

    laminated-glassLaminated Glass

    Laminated glass is created by sandwiching a thin vinyl layer, typically of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), between two pieces of glass using heat and pressure. It is primarily used for its safety, security and sound reduction benefits. Its toughness and resilience makes this type of glass an excellent safety glazing option.

    PVB films are able to block 99% of ultraviolet radiation and prevents furnitue and other indoor items from discolouring due to irradiation.

    With 6.4mm glass thickness compared to the standard 4mm, laminated glass can also add sound insulation to properties, which may be particularly beneficial when living on busy streets where noise pollution is a problem.

     georgian-glassGeorgian Bars

    Integral Georgian Bars


    Integral bars add great character to your property, yet still retain the ease of cleaning and maintenance to your windows, as the feature bars sit inside the double glazed sealed units.

    Available at 18mm or 25mm widths in white, silver aluminium, or any wood grain finish we offer with our PVCu range.

    Astragal Georgian Bars

    astragal-georgian-ovoloAstragal Georgian bars are a new development to the PVCu market, and resonate with traditional Georgian bars on timber windows.

    We offer two different bars:

    • Ovolo: Designed with a rounded profile to suit that Ovolo frame
    • Bevelled: Designed to replicate the style of traditional time frames, with a slim, angular bevelled sash bar.

Decorative Glass

  • From basic stain glass overlay to sophisticated original designs, we can design and manufacture any ornamental or patterned lead light, using all available coloured and obscure glass. We can even take your old lead light, strip and clean it and make into a decorative double glazed unit.

    Choose from our range of colour or bevelled fanlights, acid etched glass or bespoke stained glass added to your windows to enhance their aesthetic appeal.



    Colour Fanlights

    Our hand-crafted glass range is a combination of colour, lead and glass. Whether applied to a new project, or installed as replacement glazing, they can be using in windows, doors, side panels and conservatories. Our exclusive designs, full with comprehensive warranty, are a valuable addition to any interior design.

    Stained Glass


    Stained Glass

    We offer a bespoke range of stained glass, utilising a handmade factory process to produce a wide range of finishes to suit your requirements.





    Acid Etched Glass

    Etched glass gives a frosted, glazed look with a high level of detail and sophistication. The stencils, created using C.A.D. technology, offer an even glass frosting using modern blasting technology.




    Bevelled Fanlights

    Our bevelled range comprises bespoke patterns with combinations of  individual sections of bevelled glass.

    Each piece is bonded to the glass surface, providing a stunning three dimensional effect that can, if required, by combining with colour film and lead.


  • FlushSashMonkeyHandlesMonkey Tail Hardware

    Faux window stays and lockable handles are available as an option to complete that authentic period look.

    Window Handle Options

    We offer a wide selection of window handles from push button through to monkey tail and tear drop designs to enhance your window design. A selection are on display at our large showrooms at Eastbourne. Our window handle variations include inline, cranked and tilt & turn. Our representatives can talk you through the various options and advise which are suitable for your window replacement.





    Bright Chrome

    Bright Bronze


Extra Security

  • Flush4Locks

    Bi-directional roller and shootbolt locking mechanisms are fitted as standard.

    They feature six point locking & twin bi-directional cams, which prevent jemmying.

    Our optional anti-intrusion hinge bolts can be added to aid your security to ensure both sides of the window are equally protected from attack. These engage into strong metal to prevent the window being forced outward so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your home is well protected and far more secure than with older style locking and handle gear.


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